Afvallen met Sas

Reviews (translated)

"The coaching session was of great value. The coach took the time to get to know you, and to ask further questions. Besides that, she had an exercise ready in order to judge my particular case, and to get a better understanding of it. I felt at ease, and certainly not rushed. I would definitely recommend this coach. I give the session a full 8!"

Marjolein, 41 years

"I experienced the coaching session with Saskia v.d. Werf as very positive.
She listened well, asked clear questions, and did not judge, (which I found
really pleasant). The biggest eye opener I received from her is that my planned week-end away could be seen as an experiment. Week-ends away I find difficult due to (over)eating. Saskia enabled me to see that even if I eat too much, it needn’t be seen as a failure. Instead I could ask myself why I ate so much, and what
does, or does not, work for me. By doing so I started the week-end much more relaxed, and could benefit more from it.
I give Saskia  a 9.
I would certainly recommend her."

Corine, 53 years

"The coaching session with Saskia was very pleasant. She took the time, and we
had eventually worked on a concrete situation, and relevant actions; that made it useful. Even better, the situation concerned has now past, and I have been able to keep to the plan.
A full 9."

Lieke, 54 years

"I found the session a very pleasant, and useful experience!
Saskia gives you a trustworthy feeling, through which it does not seem
Odd, or frightening, to share personal things.
Half way through the session I felt that we knew each other much longer.
Further, I found it very pleasant that Saskia also shared her own experiences,
through which you don’t get the feeling that someone tells you what you must do, but does not really know what that struggle really means.
Finally, we have achieved a lot in that short session.
I have now formed a concrete aim, and have lots of handy tips within reach to get through the difficult moments.
I am very thankful to Saskia for this experience, and would recommend her 100%, and give a full 10 for the session."