Afvallen met Sas

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Each Monday morning, making a new start again to try to lose weight.
  • The feeling that the idea of losing weight has failed again.
  • After trying so many different diets you find yourself back at your old weight again.
  • The never-ending battle with eating habits and the restless feeling  it causes in  your head.

It is not a short term diet it is long term lifestyle change

Are you looking for?

  • A life without the constant battle with food.
  • A relaxed, but balanced relationship with the food you eat.
  • A life style that gives you energy, instead of costing you energy.
  • To lose weight without going on a diet, but through developing a life style that suits you.

What can we do together?

We can find the relaxed relationship with food that fits in with your life style and where there is still room for the things that you enjoy. Finding satisfaction in being in control.

What now?

On the website you can see how we can work together in order to reach your goal; how you  can contact me ( by telephone, or via chat, or via video conversation).